Super Sprocket Design Process Poster


The Super Sprocket Design Process Poster

The Super Sprocket Design Process is a simplified, structured plan which uses a series of 4 steps to help children solve real world problems. By having a well thought out and proven process for children to follow, the Super Sprocket Design Process helps to reinforce the Scientific Method, the foundation of teaching elementary aged children math, science and engineering principles. The Super Sprocket Design Process is cyclical allowing children the opportunity to repeat steps 1-4 as needed to find a solution.

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PLAN: Identify and define the problem, ask questions, list the requirements and goals of the project, gather information, conduct research

DESIGN: Imagine, think and talk about it (brainstorm), develop and explore concepts based on research and collected data, build a test model

REFINE: Listen, get feedback, check your work, improve and refine your design based on feedback

SHARE: Construct, build, finalize , launch, share final design, deliver solution

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