Turning ordinary students into extraordinary PROBLEM SOLVERS.



The Super Sprocket Design Process is the Building Block of Problem Solving

The Super Sprocket adventurous and fun, STEM-based stories support children’s education by encouraging students to ask questions and think critically as they solve problems using THE SUPER SPROCKET DESIGN PROCESS.

Developing Students Problem Solving Skills

THE SUPER SPROCKET DESIGN PROCESS is a simple, structured plan that uses a series of 4 steps (PLAN, DESIGN, REFINE and SHARE), to help students solve real-world problems. Our design process is cyclical, allowing students the opportunity to repeat steps 1-4 as needed to solve a problem.

A Proven Method

By having a well thought out and proven process for children to follow, THE SUPER SPROCKET DESIGN PROCESS helps to reinforce the scientific method, the foundation of teaching elementary aged children Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

THE SUPER SPROCKET DESIGN PROCESS is the foundation of early problem solving development for our young learners. Equipped with the principles of STEM, the Super Sprockets collaborate and proudly exclaim, “PROBLEM SOLVING IS OUR SUPER POWER!”

“Children Must Be Taught How to Think, Not What to Think”

Margaret Mead, Renowned Cultural Anthropologist