The AEDI series (Achieving Engineering Driven Innovation) is a series of STEM based books presenting fictional stories starring the Super Sprockets. In each book we define the design process for the story using the Super Sprocket Design Process which is the building block of problem solving.

Educating Through Engineering in STEM

STEM curriculum for our youngest learners is vital as our future depends upon developing innovation and creative problem solving skills. Our educational books and materials are common core aligned, including:

  • NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards

The Super Sprocket Design Process - The Building Block of Problem Solving

Students apply the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to create practical, useful solutions that they will understand.

Our STEM based stories, while fun and engaging, seek to develop higher level thinking skills by connecting classroom learning to the real world.

Developing Student’s Problem Solving Skills, Creativity and Critical Thinking

Concepts like design processes, collaboration, communication, research and academic vocabulary are the foundational skills for early problem solving capability. The Super Sprocket books use precise terminology in age specific context. Engineering concepts are presented in a manner to advance students knowledge and vocabulary.

In STEM Club Trouble, students learn the 4

basic steps of problem solving (PLAN, DESIGN,

REFINE and SHARE). They will also learn what

working collaboratively looks and sounds like.

What problem

would you

like to

solve today?

There are things that we see and use everyday that exist because someone solved a problem.

Our STEM based educational books and materials promote student's creativity and innovation.

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